Quality Assurance Module (QAM)

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Quality Assurance Module (QAM)


The QAM is a quality assurance system for the digital imaging market, fully integrated into the ColorGATE RIP software, that allows controlling and documenting color consistency and archiving the results.

Based on proven control wedge technology, the QAM saves costs and reduces production time. In addition, the QAM ensures high customer satisfaction due to consistently high quality of printing results.

QAM already controls quality of the printing result during production workflow. In the QAM user dialog, predefined and measured values of the color control wedge are displayed in a clearly structured table.

A simple traffic light symbol (green, yellow, red) clearly indicates the quality of the document to be printed. In combination with ColorGATE Media Device Synchronization (MDS) recalibration technology, QAM becomes a powerful quality assurance tool.

QAM is flexible in the definition of quality tolerances and therefore suitable for nearly any application. The usage of the module is intuitive and provides an easy and time-saving workflow.


  • Printout for Dymo Label Writer: Output of evaluation as a label for the Dymo Label Writer.
  • Printing of control wedges: Printing, measuring and evaluation of control wedges for checking/logging of the current system color values in relation to a reference system.
  • Flexible placement of control wedges: Free arrangement of the control wedge around the job. In addition, multiple output and mirrored output is possible.
  • IDEAlliance Control Strip 2009: Printing of the IDEAlliance Control Strip 2009 during production. Afterwards it can be measured and evaluated with the Quality Assurance Module (QAM).

More information can be found in our video.