Profiler Suite (PFS)

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Profiler Suite (PFS)


The Profiler Suite bundles the six powerful modules Profiler (PFM), Multicolor Profiler (MCPFM), Device Link Profiler (DLPFM), Express Profiler (EPFM), Reference Profiler (RPFM) and TVI Calibration (TVICM) into one complete package at an attractive price, enabling highly professional color management.

Profiler Suite includes the following profilers:

Profiler Module (PFM)

PFM enables comfortable, assistant-guided creation of professional ICC profiles.

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Express Profiler Module (EPFM)

EPFM allows the creation of new ICC profiles that are based on existing profiles fast and easy for output devices used in production.

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Device Link Profiler Module (DLPFM)

Device link profiles - a special version of ICC profiles - are used for specific color transformations in the color management workflow to produce most accurate print data.

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Reference Profiler Module (RPFM)

The RPFM enables creation of ICC profiles and simulation of the color range for output devices, which cannot be controlled directly by ColorGATE RIP software.

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Multicolor Profiler Module (MCPFM)

MCPFM enables assistant-guided creation of ICC profiles which support additional gamut extending ink channels like CMYK O(range)/G(reen) or CMYK R(ed)/B(lue).

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TVI Calibration Module (TVICM)

The TVICM complements the existing color management tool sets with the tonal value correction (TVI) well known from ISO 12947-2 used in offset printing.

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