Out of Gamut Module (OOGM)

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Out of Gamut Module (OOGM)


With the Out of Gamut Module (OOGM) areas will be highlighted that are out of gamut of the chosen printing workflow (output profile, MIM). A "heatmap" visualization indicates colors and areas that cannot be printed color accurately. It is particularly suitable for the use in the production of decorative surfaces and textiles, as well as for digital packaging printing.

  • Exact and reliable identification of expected deviations of print output
  • Intuitive visualization as "heatmap"
  • Minimizes the time and cost of proofs and misprints
  • Extends Color Preflighting capabilities when managing spot and brand colors in PDF documents
  • User defined DeltaE limit values
  • Supports use of any common PDF and raster data format

  • Detailed description:

    • Preview option for a configured print job, showing all printable colors (in gamut) in grayscale tones.
    • Specified colors and areas will be highlighted, that the chosen print system color space is not able to accurately reproduce.
    • Out of gamut pixels will be highlighted corresponding to the expected color difference using a heatmap.
    • Heat map colors from green for small color deviations, orange for medium deviations up to red for high deviations will be assigned to predicted color differences.
    • User defined limit values ​​can be assigned to these three colors in the form of DeltaE values, and the respective out of gamut areas are drawn in corresponding gradient colors.
    • The preview also offers a tooltip function that shows the DeltaE value (deltaE76, deltaE94, deltaE2000) for each underlying pixel.


    • It provides an easy understandable color reproduction forecast per print job, providing meaningful information even to non-specialist operators if color deviations are expected in the print output.
    • In case of expected color deviations it is possible to just modify processing settings in order to find production alternatives.
    • Specified custom brand colors can be checked if they can be reproduced using the designated digital print workflow.

    More Informationen can be found in our tutorial.