Multichannel PSD Module (MPSDM)

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Multichannel PSD Module (MPSDM)


MPSDM enables to process multichannel files (e.g. native Photoshop files PSD, PSB) via a sophisticated processing workflow. MPSDM is especially suitable for textile or ceramics printing as well as other printing applications with special color handling requirements, which are beyond typical process color combinations.

Moreover, MSPDM enables a complete ICC color management for files using 3 to 8 channels. Custom ICC profiles can be applied in the correct color mode with the designated multichannel inkset to ensure a color accurate output.

The Color Management in place is therefore completely flexible in terms of processing any in- or output color mode with 3 to 8 color channels. So, it is possible to accurately output multichannel files to any ink configuration: from RGB, CMYK, CMYKplus, nColor to RGB, CMYK, CMYKplus, nColor.