Linearization Assistant

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Linearization Assistant


The main task of the spectral meter based linearization assistant (wizard) is to create printer- and media-specific linearization to ensure reliable and reproducible color reproduction.

The linearization assistant wizard generates a characteristic linear curve for printing. The curve considers all the factors, of which the linear characteristic is dependent. These include the printer model, print media (ink, paper, material) and the print mode (number of color applications, print speed, and drying behavior). The settings are stored in the linearization file, including the maximum application of ink, the optimization of the gray balance and color gradients.

The number of printable colors (color space) is highly determined by the type of ink and the ink combination used by the printer. Increasing utilization of additional colors (e.g. light cyan, light magenta, light gray, photo black) enlarges the representable color space. Particularly additional process colors such as orange and green enable a controlled enlargement of the color space. The ColorGATE RIP software supports these developments with the spectral linearization of all process colors.