Gamut Viewer

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Gamut Viewer

Two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) visualisation and comparison of color spaces

The Gamut Viewer can be used via two ways:

1. Out of the Profiler Module (PFM) / Profiler Suite (PFS)

2. Via the menu "options" in the software

Via the menu "options" users can compare up to five different ICC profiles in 2D with a reference or standard color space. These two-dimensional comparisons enable very smooth Campaign Printing Workflows, because of the possibility to define the largest common color space of all printers that should be used.

Via Profiler Module respectively Profiler Suite users can compare the calculated profile directly with the reference profile or with profiles embedded in the MIM combination.

In addition Gamut Viewer allows three-dimensional comparison of up to two ICC profiles. While rotating the 3D-view, problems can be detected and corrected at once. Another important highlight is the option to illustrate a motive as a 3D point cloud. The point cloud shows exactly the parts of the motive that are lying inside and outside the color space.

More options:

  • View of calculated gray curves of the ICC profile in different rendering intents which show the different CMYK gray. Combinations depend on the respective profile.

  • View of spider of ICC profile in different rendering intents showing the definition of the profile gamut in the L.a.b. color space.

  • View of tonal value increase (TVI) / dot gain increase of ICC profile.
  • Profile information, e.g., creator, color space (CMYK / RGB), device class (printer, input), creation date etc.
  • View of the embedded colors in the color gamut of a profile, e.g. for a large format test page (CMYK).

Download Gamut Viewer documentation (user login required)