Fingerprint Module (FPRM)

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Fingerprint Module (FPRM)


The FPRM is a Color Management Module for Industrial Productionserver products. It is used for fast color consistent print productions as well as re-prints of digital print jobs that are based on an identical design or a design series for all decorative applications. These are objects such as wood-like surfaces, decorative laminates, ceramic wall- and floor-tiles as well as decorative textiles. Patented Fingerprint technology for color consistent re-runs and for exact color characterization of digital print jobs. Archival of print production data for exact reproduction any time.

In comparison to the FPRM, the established and well-known ICC profiling process achieves an optimal representation of any print jobs when using a device-specific color characterization on profiled devices.

However, FPRM can be perfectly used in industrial surface decoration sectors for a device-independent color characterization, including both a specific design and print process.
Therefore a color consistent and flexible reproduction on any production system with sufficient gamut is assured.

With the Ceramic Productionserver, the patented Fingerprint technology and the Rapid Spectro Cube, ColorGATE offers the first complete solution for digital ceramics tile production. More information can be found in our video or tutorial.

Features of performance

  • Usage when printing digitally decorated objects such as wood-like surfaces or ceramic tiles
  • Usage in digital color printing processes to achieve a high color consistency in reprints

  • Reducing of time consuming retouching effort and subsequent test prints

  • Patented method for combining the color characteristic of a printing process with a specific print job
  • Creation of color consistent production data for industrial print processes

  • Support of Special Color Channels for White and Ceramic Effect Inks
  • Creation of Fingerprints from a series of designs with only one target measurement
  • Printing of corresponding file name with e.g. the tile for an optimal assignment in the program
  • Using Gamut Viewer for visualization and evaluation of design specific measuring values of the Fingerprint target
  • Archiving of device-independent production data for a color consistent reprint on any time
  • FPRM is build-up as assistant, similar to the profiler assistant. With a few mouse-clicks and steps a Fingerprint production file will be created as basis for printing or reprinting a file with an individual design. Several designs of a series (decores) can also be combined here to create a Fingerprint production file for each of them. Fingerprint technology supports all digital printing systems with at least three up to eight color channels.

    Assistant-guided process
    The Fingerprint assistant, that creates a Fingerprint production file, provides a practical usage and easy operation as it is known from the Profiler assistant.

    Individual target patch number
    Both the design and printer specific number of color patches on the Fingerprint target can be specified within the assistant. So the accuracy of the Fingerprint profile will be determined which is finally attached to the Fingerprint production file.

    Gamut Viewer Visualization
    The Gamut Viewer visualizes retrieved design specific measure values of the Fingerprint target. It allows the evaluation of the actual design color concerning the production system gamut. So the number of test runs will be reduced.

    Creation of Fingerprint Production File
    In the last step of the assistant a Fingerprint production file will be created. This is a FPF file, it has already the Fingerprint profile embedded and can be used for a color consistent reprint of the original design, if required.