Device Link Profiler Module (DLPFM)

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Device Link Profiler Module (DLPFM)


Device link profiles - a special version of ICC profiles - are used for specific color transformations in the color management workflow to produce most accurate print data. They ensure that quality and color accuracy of a print job in the aspect of matching a reference or a standard are improved significantly. This profile creation tool is wizard based and allows an iterative approach to reach the optimal result.

Device Link Profiler Module (DLPFM) iteratively optimizes color transformation from a source to a target color space. A wizard provides the current status after every step. Afterwards the result is saved in a DeviceLink profile. The goal is to achieve a minimum color deviation (minimum Delta E) while using a measuring device or relying on the visual impression.

DLPFM suites ideally for campaign printing and has proven extremely perfect for application in combination with Proof Standard Digital Module (PSDM) or Proofgate .

Component of Profiler Suite (PFS)