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Color Replacement


The ColorGATE function for color and spot color replacement with direct measurement device integration enables optimal automatic or manual replacement of any input color or color range (RGB, CMYK, spot) with CMYK and L*a*b* colors.

Important advantages:

  • Selective replacement of colors and color ranges for text, vector and raster/ bitmap data
  • Automatic recognition and replacement of spot colors in a document
  • Creation of color replacement tables and allocation to printing jobs or to hotfolders
  • Import of spot color tables of other suppliers

Support of Pantone® color libraries via X-Rite Pantone® Color Manager

  • Allows access to most current Pantone® color libraries
  • Access to updated and new libraries are available via Pantone® Live
  • Supports export to all ColorGATE products
  • Easy to use interface
  • Also exports color tables to other solutions, e.g. Adobe Creative Suite
  • Inexpensive and most useful tool to support Pantone® spot color control in the whole workflow
  • Part of X-Rite i1 packages, no additional fees
  • Also available as stand-alone version
  • The color replacement function for color models such as RGB, CMYK and grayscale allows colors and color ranges in individual jobs to be customized quickly and easily manually. Since the input and replacement colors often have to be completely redefined for spot color replacement, color replacement with the help of hotfolder-based spot color tables is recommended, so that replacement occurs automatically.

    In addition to the classic color replacement function ColorGATE offers the Color Atlas Module (CAM) a smart solution for visual color replacement.