Color Atlas Module (CAM)

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Color Atlas Module (CAM)


The Color Atlas improves the quality in color replacement of any input color and simplifies the color replacement process considerably. The module generates clustered and grouped patches (clusters) around a reference value and allows the printout of these color patches. The number of patches and their grades are determined by the user.

Thanks to the realistic visualization of the color gradations, the user can decide visually, according to his natural color perception, which color value should replace the input color/ the reference value. This saves time and is much easier than color optimization by measuring.

Using the Color Atlas makes sense, since the natural color perception often differs from the measured correct color value. In addition, colors of printing products can be adjusted to the normal ambient light (e.g. important in galleries) and they can be adjusted to meet the desired shade on any material used.

The Color Atlas is particularly suitable for:

  • print service providers with customers who demand highest color accuracy (e.g. well-known brand owners and corporate clients)
  • print service providers who often use special colors (e.g. in packaging printing) which must be reproduced optimally for proofing

Alternatively to the visual color determination, the color value that comes closest to the reference color
(referring to dE or dE2000) can be determined by measuring the color patches.

Customer benefits:

  • Natural, visual color identification instead of measurement
  • Fast color replacement even while using different kinds of media/ materials
  • No measurement devices for color definition required
  • Easy module handling, even without expert knowledge
  • Time savings by a simple and fast color replacement process compared to measuring
  • Improved quality in color replacement