Channel Redirection Module (CRDM)

RIP Software

Channel Redirection Module (CRDM)


The CRDM enables the definition which color channel should be printed on which print head. Until now this was only possible for the screen workflow to a limited extent. Due to customer feedback it has been enabled also for production and proof workflow. In addition, it is now possible to redirect one color channel to multiple print heads.

In a clear, redesigned dialog box, every print head can be assigned with one or more color channels:


  • Possibility of flexible ink setup: Color mode related color channels can be sent to the print heads in any order.
  • This allows the usage of unstandardized ink sets or the ink setup in different color order.
  • Even if a print head is damaged, the Channel Redirection Module (CRDM) offers the comfortable possibility to use another print head - without interrupting the production.
  • Possibility to duplicate one color channel to multiple print heads: This feature is of particular relevance for industrial printing. It increases either the throughput or the ink lay down and consequently leads to performance improvement of the production.
  • When required, more print heads than color channels are available for the specific color mode can be addressed. Precondition for this are the appropriate physical characteristics of the printer as well as the appropriate driver settings.