RIP Software

Color Management Technology

Our Color Management technology maximizes the respective color reproduction on any by ColorGATE supported output devices considering the individual configuration and settings and the required application purpose.

  • Application purpose
  • E.g. max. gamut is important in Textile Printing

    Max. gamut:
    Utilization of the maximum color space of a device

    Simulation of a reference device or reference color space

    Standard compliant print data generation, e.g. ISO or G7 etc.

    Campaign Printing:
    Reproduction of a print job in the maximum shared gamut in order to achieve the closest possible color conformity of the print results, when put next to each other for visual comparison

  • Printing system
  • Printing system in the context of Color Management means a combination of all definable parameters that influence the color characteristics of a print process.

    Example: Printing system settings

    • Print method: Inkjet
    • Print mode: 1200 dpi
    • Method: Single-pass
    • Color system: CMYK UV
    • UV curing
    • Pinning: 20% per color
    • Final Curing: 100%
    • Substrate: PE
  • MIM
  • MIM is the abbreviation for Media-Ink-Metamode. The MIM refers to a combination that contains information on the printer, the used substrate, the ink and the metamode. Metamode is a collection of the following parameters: print mode, color mode and Color Management settings (linearizations and ICC profiles) as well as further color interfering preferences and functions. The use of MIM simplifies the choosing and selection of recurring settings.

    In the images  state the main highlights and features of the ColorGATE Color Management technology. You can download this image as which is an exctract from our Company Solutions Folder page 7.