Version 20 is out now!


It has arrived! ColorGATE has released version 20 of Productionserver, Filmgate and Proofgate.
In this new version, we give our users in the commercial and industrial markets everything they need to produce impressive print results! Be it for Large Format Printing, Graphic Arts, or in the digital decoration of ceramics, décor, packaging and textiles.
With ColorGATE, you are always up-to-date with the latest technology and color standards. Our new version 20 for Productionserver, Filmgate and Proofgate makes your business fit for the coming years!
If you are a customer with an active Value Pack, you can now upgrade to the new version 20 - for free! - and enjoy the following benefits:    


  • Handle the latest files & standards
  • Print PANTONE® colors with no effort at all
  • Process files much faster
  • Get new modules, like Spectral Spot Module for spectral color definition and direct access to PantoneLIVE
  • Enjoy our impoved user interface & online help
  • Fast & easy software licensing: Just choose if you want to use hardware or software licensing during purchase and installation
  • ... and much more!

In order to learn more, please check out our website or go directly to the release notes!
For technical issues, you can open a web support ticket (you need a user account and an active Value Pack to use our web support).
You would like to upgrade? Please note that you need a new license key. Just contact your sales partner to get one.
If you have purchased your ColorGATE Product as an OEM version from a printing system manufacturer, this manufacturer will reach out to you as soon as Version 20 becomes available for you.
You do not have an active Value Pack but would like to upgrade? Contact us to get an offer!
Before installing version 20, please make sure that you have updated your version 10 to the latest release 10.34. Version 20 licenses will also allow you to run version 10.34 on the same computer (not at the same time) so you have a fallback solution in the unlikely case that something does not work as expected.
We wish you a lot of success with our new software version!

Get Version 20!